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Local Association COP: Social Media Strategies: New Ways to Attract, Engage, and Build Members  
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Third Quarter 2022:
September 23, 2022 @ 12:30 Eastern, 90 minutes
Social Media Strategies: New Ways to Attract, Engage, and Build Members

This presentation will contain two presentations tailored how your local association can use Facebook & Tik Tok.
Presentation #1 12:35-1:05 PM :
Social Media is a trendy and effective way to get the word out about your organization's programs and activities. Facebook and Instagram are the go-to social networks, but just posting on your account doesn't work anymore. Come discover the features and functions you need to use to reach more people on social media. 

Presented by Danielle Miller 
Danielle Miller is on a mission to help nonprofits anchor on results when it comes to marketing their organizations online. She is owner of the top-rated social media marketing company in Maui, Hawaii. She was also an EdVenture Instructor at UHMC and the recipient of a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement from the Mayor for her contribution to the community. She's been a speaker at WedTech, the Savvy Experience and ACM West conference. Her articles and presentations have been mentioned by Hubspot, Social Media Today, and Social Media Examiner.

Presentation #2: 
 Tik Tok for Your Program
TikTok can revolutionize the way organizations tell stories and help reach new levels of engagement. These presenters will show that TikTok is not just dances and influencers—every organization has something worth sharing. With their own TikTok videos, presenters will demonstrate what works and what doesn’t when using short-form videos to share your story. Learn from Susan and Jared what has built their Tik Tok audience to more than 2 million followers and how they found success on Youtube, instagram, and other social media platforms!
Susan Voskuil-Starcevich, Education Manager for the Sacramento History Museum, has been working in one way or another at museums since she was 12 years old when she started volunteering at a local living history museum. She has a great passion for museum education and creating spaces in institutions for the community to gather and grow. Susan believes that learning your local history changes the way people communicate and care about the people around them. Museums are a key part in the teaching and learning empathy and critical thinking and she is excited to be a part of that. She supervises multiple volunteer programs for the Sacramento History Museum. 

Jared has worked in the public history field for over 8 years focusing on museums and historic sites that living history demonstrations are a part of their interpretation. Jared has a BA in History and Government and a MA in Public History from California State University, Sacramento. He sees social media as the next major frontier in the museum world, especially in trying to stay relevant in this ever-changing digital age.

You can access these Local Association COP past recordings in the file archive section on the members only page.

Second Quarter 2022:
June 22, 2022, @ 2 pm E:  Local Associations COP
Board Recruitment & Development:  Keeping it Real In Challenging Times

This meeting will be a panel presentation and discussion for anyone involved in leadership with Local Association of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (DOVIA's, AVA's, etc).  Hear and share your real world successes, challenges and ideas.

First Quarter 2022:  
AL!VE Local Associations COP:  Calling In vs Calling Out: Diversifying Your Local Association's Board
March 30, 2:00-3:30 PM Eastern

This meeting is a panel presentation and discussion for anyone involved in leadership with Local Association of Volunteer Engagement Professionals (DOVIA's, AVA's, etc).
Facilitated by Ophelia Bitanga-Israel, Senior Program Manager with the National Association of Counties
Presenters include:
AL!VE Board Member Alana Knoppow, CVA, Chair of the AL!VE Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion committee
NOVAA, Portland, OR
TulsAL!VE, Tulsa, OK
Each will share their experiences in actively seeking to increase awareness and diversity on their respective boards.
This presentation is open and free to ALL local association leadership as part of AL!VE's commitment to DEAI issues.

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