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April AL!VE Academy: AI: How to Have Ethical, Accurate, Human-Centered Results Presented by Dana Litwin
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
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AL!VE Academy Webinars
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April AL!VE Academy:  AI: How to Have Ethical, Accurate, Human-Centered Results Presented by Dana Litwin

Monday, April 8 - 2:00 PM Eastern, 90 minutes

"AI" aka "Artificial Intelligence" is a buzzword for apps and software products flooding the market and filled with inaccuracies (it's really "Applied Statistics"), misuse, misunderstanding, and mistrust.

Yes, "AI" helps in tasks with "thinking faster" and can, used correctly, save time and streamline workflows for busy Leaders of Volunteers. Using "AI" responsibly takes intention, strategy, and ethical inputs (human-centered and human-reviewed) to be accurate and useful.

This webinar follows up on the great speakers and points from the 2023 Volunteer Management Hybrid Conference to explore the practical aspects of "How, Where, and Why" for utilizing "AI" ethically in everyday work for a positive and accurate outcome.

Learning Outcomes: 
1. Understanding what "AI" is and is not good at doing ("Where/Why" is it best used).
2. Applying ethical and human-centered inputs/prompts ("How" is it best used).
3. Reducing bias of prompts/inputs/outcomes.
4. Recognizing unethical and harmful "AI" uses and applications in daily life and work.

About our Presenter: 
Dana Litwin, CVA, is a globally recognized strategic advisor, speaker, and advocate for civic service. Since 2002 she has guided organizations in California's Silicon Valley and worldwide to produce breakthrough volunteer and community engagement programs.

Dana is the creator of the YouTube channel “Priceless Advice with Leaders of Volunteers”, served as President AL!VE, and is a founder and facilitator of the National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement.

She is a popular guest on nonprofit sector podcasts and blogs including "Time & Talent" with Tobi Johnson/VolunteerPro, VolunteerMatch, and Points of Light, and has been featured in the Engage Journal, The Nonprofit Times, The Volunteer Management Report, among numerous other media profiles.

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