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Take the Leap | Embrace Change: AL!VE, Better Impact, & VMPC Event
10/24/17 - 10/25/17

Welcome! We’re pleased to announce we are providing another great professional development opportunity for your local volunteer administrators network.  This year, we are pleased to partner with Better Impact and VMPC (Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada) to present a live-stream event this October.  Our theme this year is ‘Take the Leap | Embrace Change’.  With a live stream event in a different format than last year (think Ted Talks meets Late Night Talk Show), we broadcast to you national and international speakers without the travel to another location! 

How does it work?
Same as before, your local group pays a connection fee and arranges for a location (with a screen, speakers, and space for an audience), meals and a local facilitator to guide local discussion).  You can charge your local attendees whatever price you choose.  It could be a free event, or charge $50-$75 (or more) per person and make some profit for your local network.

We provide the speakers & content (about 7 hours) and handouts for the day of the training.  We provide the support for managing the livestream event and advance training for the local facilitator.  The broadcast days are scheduled for October 24 (10-5 Pacific and 9-4 Mountain) and October 25 (10-5 Eastern and 9-4 Central).  

Full registration is now open!  Once you sign up you can begin to promote to your local attendees as well.  We will have video updates that you can pass along, too!  Our main site will promote your local site's event to help build attendance.  Your group can make a deposit or pay in full by August 31, 2017).  

The connection fee is $550 with a $50 discount for AL!VE members.  Our speakers are being finalized and we will have more information soon, but we are bringing in speakers from Australia, Canada, and the United States.  When you complete this registration, you'll be the first to hear about updates. We will also host some informational webinars in June & July.

More information can also be found at

Registration ends on September 30, 2017
Take the Leap | Embrace Change